This portfolio has been created 3 years ago. For my recent work, please check or contact me directly.

Tjaša Peterle

Tjaša Peterle

Graphic Designer // Website Developer // UI & UX Expert




Founder & CEO of Multidisciplinary Creative Studio focused on creating engaging stories through Art, Design, and Technology. Helping brands to scale with strategic branding, web design, and paid advertising.



Worked in one of the biggest agencies in Europe (the world’s top clients such as Apple, Tesla, Google, Netflix, Patagonia, Spotify, Playstation, Samsung, Audi, Philips, Triumph, etc.). Lived in Amsterdam for a short time and soon realized that I prefer building my own entrepreneurial path. 



Opened my own company at the age of 19.

Offering services such as web design & development, brand identity & branding, packages, catalogs, and any kind of promotional material (including social media).

2018 - 2020


Took full responsibility for all creative work in media agency and printing company (

Worked for bigger brands such as ip Dana, Doktor 1A, LuxDental, HaloBeton, Bartog, PanJan …

2018 & 2019


Worked for, and Telekom Slovenia.


Notarska pisarna Darje Jarnovič

Worked as a student (administrative work).



Worked as a student (administrative work).

My story

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, going on a trip with her family. They were in a car, listening to music and talking about places they must visit.

But the little girl didn’t pay attention to the conversation. She was always hooked on the big billboards that were passing by.

“This logo should be smaller. I don’t like this color. The picture doesn’t fit properly. I would like to change this font…”

I never knew why these thoughts always ran through my mind. I couldn’t understand how others could read catalogs without analyzing the colors, titles, graphics, and white spaces.

My imagination convinced me that all of this is made by robots and computers. I imagined that there were advanced robots and simple robots. Advanced robots made beautiful things and simple robots weren’t programmed to notice when something didn’t look as pretty as it should.

At the age of 13, I heard the term Graphic Designer – I discovered, that there were actual people behind these designs and found out that I can learn to become one of them. I found out that there is a whole new world to explore!

Since then, I live my story, which is not just about working on amazing design projects, but much more. It is an exchange of energy and well-being at the same time. I believe that each person carries a very special potential or more of them. The only difference is whether we live it or not, whether we are aware of it or not. 

I have awakened my own consciousness to such an extent that I feel it and know its value. I am here for you to give what you need at a given moment. I am here to make your business reach its full potential.


2020 - 2024

DESIGN MANAGMENT at Faculty of Design, Trzin


INBOUND MARKETING Certificate -Hubspot Academy

2016 - 2020

GRAPHIC DESIGN at Secondary School for Design and Photography, Ljubljana

2007 - 2016

Primary school Trebnje


• DofE - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (MEPI)
- Finishing Gold Level Award

AmCham Slovenia 2022
- 1st Place in SEI Logo Design Competition

SOF Award 2021
- 1st Place in Mastercard Advertising Competition

CistFreesn 2021
- 1st Place in Graphic Design category

CistFreesn 2021
- Finalist for Creative Advertising


The Break 2022
- Part of program in Spain for EU woman entreprenuers

AWE 2nd Generation
- Part of AWE female entrepreneurs (by Ceed Slovenia)

Center of Education and Culture
- Mentor on Graphic Design Workshops

- Member of a Business Incubator

- Member of worldwide agency owners community

Fox Web Legends
- Member of private website experts community


Graphic Design // Logo & Brand Identity // Website Development // UI & UX Design

Adobe Illustrator 100%
Adobe Photoshop 95%
Adobe Premiere Pro 90%
Adobe InDesign 90%
Adobe Lightroom 95%
Adobe After Effects 90%
Office Power Point 100%
Office Word 100%
Elementor Pro 100%
WordPress 100%
Figma 100%
Canva 100%
Invision 85%


I am a passionate designer and entrepreneur. 

I started working in the creative field at the age of 15. 

Every project is a new opportunity for me to express my creativity. My biggest reward is a happy client.

I am always in the search of new challenges. During younger years I worked as a hostess, model, and as actress in Slovenian shows.

I own Hobby Horse Clothing brand for girls interested in that sport (that’s mostly in Scandinavian countries).

I am also the founder of Dogsy Design, a brand specializing in creating beautiful websites, litter announcements, dog presentations, and any graphics related to the dog industry with a mission to raise brand awareness and digitalize the world of Dog Breeders.

I love giving back to the world, that’s why I volunteer at the Kennel Association of Slovenia, Young Dragons, and MEPI.